UPS allocation and dimensioning

Choosing the right UPS...

Each server at is of course under an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Problems Source).

Question is, how to couple UPS and machines? Should we buy new UPSs? Could we reuse some existing one? Are there some UPS units that need a battery replacement? Problems, problems...

Current UPS stock

Currently (February 2010) there are the following UPSs in service or in stock:

UPS make & modelPower (VA)Power (W)Host serviced
APC BackUPS RS 800800540gulo
APC BackUPS RS 800800540meles
APC BackUPS ES 700700405eira
APC BackUPS 650650400none
APC BackUPS 650650400battery pack, OK, electronics blown
APC BackUPS CS 500500300none
APC BackUPS CS 500500300none
APC BackUPS CS 500500300none

Current server stock

Currently (February 2010) there are the following servers/appliances/whatever in service:

hostMake & modelPower (VA)Power (W)Heat (BTU)Notes
guloCompaq ProLiant 16005033521202to be dismitted
melesGigabyte GS-SR202394276943redundant PSU
eiraSun Fire X2200 ME300210717-
gulo IISun Fire X41405513861318redundant PSU, to be deployed
(LAN switch)HP ProCurve 5304xl9006302152-
mellivoraBuffalo TeraStation Live8560--
pastorOPNwall - m0n0wall appliance75--
Note: power rating has been calculated using APC UPS selector.

Future UPS assignment

Once gulo II will be deployed, and gulo will go out of service, the UPS assigment will be as follows:

hostMake & modelPower (VA)Power (W)UPS assignedNotes
gulo IISun Fire X4140551386two BackUPS RS 800redundant PSU, redundant UPS.
UPS are "smart-signaling" USB, set up and configure apcupsd.
Eventually, this host will broadcast in case of power failures.
eiraSun Fire X2200 ME300210BackUPS ES 700keep existing UPS
melesGigabyte GS-SR202394276two BackUPS 650redundant PSU, redundant UPS.
UPS are "dumb-signaling" RS-232, check and build cables. Remember that meles has only two RS-232 ports, and one is on the front panel and is needed to control pastor.
mellivoraBuffalo TeraStation Live8560BackUPS CS 500, shared with pastorUPS is "smart-signaling" USB. Check whether TeraStation Live understands it, there is still an USB port free on the rear panel.
pastorOPNwall - m0n0wall appliance75Shares BACKUPS CS 500 with mellivoraCheck whather OPNwall has some understanding of UPS, albeit with network signaling (no USB ports here).
(LAN switch)HP ProCurve 5304xl900630BackUPS CS 500Hope that this big sucker will do with this seemingly undersized UPS. Figure out if there is a way to make the switch UPS-aware (probably no...)
Deployment plan: shut down everything but eira. Unplug all from the two BackUPS RS800. Plug gulo II power cords into each one of the two RS800. Plug in USB cables. Restart gulo II. Place eira's ES700 on top of the two RS800s. Add two BackUPS 650 into the rack, where once gulo was. Plug meles power cords into each one of the 650. Plug in a single RS-232 cable from the main UPS to meles RS-232 rear port. Restart meles. Add two BackUPS CS500 into the rack, above the two 650s. Plug the HP switch into one. Plug mellivora and pastor into the other. Add USB cable from the latter UPS to mellivora. Restart mellivora. (whew).
Remember that UPS discharge timings are to be re-made (when reconfiguring apcupsd) on gulo II, meles, mellivora and eira (order matters).