deployment schedule

Expand all the tasks below as necessary...

  1. Install gulo II hardware in LABSIT rack (mount slides, attach cables, etc.).
    Done, half a day
  2. Replace 500 GB drives with 2TB drives on mellivora (preserve RAID volume contents, etc.)
    Done: 2 days plus 15 to have 2TB drives delivered, see TeraStation hacking page
  3. Check thoroughly if both the flexbackup and rsnapshot systems on old gulo and mellivora are working
  4. Install OS on gulo II (install, configure, test, etc. See the grocer's list for the gory details.)
    25% Done
    • Install. configure and learn MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM)
      Done: half a day to do disk crash and RAID rebuild simulations
    • Install Debian
      Done: half a day to do base install
    • Install samba
    • Install and configure LDAP access control
    • Install and configure CUPS printing services
    • Install and configure Apache + PostgreSQL + Drupal
    • Install and configure Firebird DBMS, migrate production DBs from meles
  5. Restore a full backup of gulo data areas on gulo II (define exactly what those data areas are...)
  6. Test gulo II (changing hostname, IP etc. recyclyng old gulo's ones)
  7. deploy