Here comes the Sun (oops, Oracle...) again!

Here we are again... today I've had delivered a Sun Fire x4400... soon-to-be file server.

To do

Do a backup of "D:" on mus, then re-format it with 128 bytes large inodes.
Use mkfs.ext3 -I 128 -L data
Restore, enjoy ext2ifs.


So now we can post images!
I added image and img_assist modules to this good ol'Drupal 5 installation... see what happens, now!

Kernel panic!

Gosh! After a routine safe-upgrade the newly installed kernel won't boot.
That's debian :-) Let's fix that good ol'LILO stuff (grub?

Gone mobile

So far, so good.
I eventually gave my 2 cents (plus some more $8) and bought Wavelog.
Worth all that money. Still, data transfer doesn't work thru my home WiFi network.
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