Set up a local caching DNS with dnsmasq

Setup and configuration

Install dnsmasq:
ipkg install dnsmasq

Using flexbackup

How to set up a NAS-based backup-to-disk system

Principles of operation

The server mounts a volume from the NAS, then starts flexbackup.

Surviving a RAID crash

During a storm on 2008 07 01, power went out thanks to a lightning strike nearby...
After the reboot, there was a nice orange glow instead of the reassuring green "Status" light.

Migrate content from a (Debian) host to another

Brain Salad Surgery

...or, How to Safely Move Your Stuff.
This document is mostly a big grocery list, to document how I moved stuff from my old laptop to a new one.

Using the Nokia N95 8GB with Debian

Got some ideas from here...

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