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Oh, well, we're up again!

Well, after the move in February, this site and the server behind it had some issues... ADSL first, then the upgrade to Synology DSM 3.1, then my normal laziness...

gulo is dead, long live gulo!

After 12 years of service, this morning my good ol'Compaq ProLiant 1600 stopped working.

Raining Cats & Dogs!

Always said I shouldn't go out doing fieldwork!
So this morning I ended up collecting soil samples under a nice pour. (Well... nice isn't the right adjective...)

Summer of Coke

Eventually, summer has come!BRRhum, lime, coke and suntanning on home balcony. Thats what I could call my Summer of Coke. Chaps at Google and Coca-cola will understand, I hope...
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