Lombardy region and its autistic CRS

Problem: our GPS readings on the field are always shifted, when projected and superimposed to Lombardy Region official cartography.

Here comes the Sun (oops, Oracle...) again!

Here we are again... today I've had delivered a Sun Fire x4400... soon-to-be file server.

To do

Do a backup of "D:" on mus, then re-format it with 128 bytes large inodes.
Use mkfs.ext3 -I 128 -L data
Restore, enjoy ext2ifs.


So now we can post images!
I added image and img_assist modules to this good ol'Drupal 5 installation... see what happens, now!

Kernel panic!

Gosh! After a routine safe-upgrade the newly installed kernel won't boot.
That's debian :-) Let's fix that good ol'LILO stuff (grub?
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